Carn Galver Mine

Carn Galver Mine

Carn Galver Mine. The name Carn Galver means rockpile at the lookout place. There is a small pumping and a whim engine house on the St Just – St Ives coastal road (B3306). The mine was worked until 1878. It was restored twenty ago by the National Trust. This mine was never really productive and suffered from drainage problems. Carn Galver Mine appears to have operated 1851–59, and 1871–77, 1882, becoming in 1907 Bosigran Consols.

Gurnard’s Head copper mine was operating in the 1830’s using a 20 inch wide water wheel. Porthmeor Valley – contains many mining remains, including water wheel pits and circular ore washing sites Carn Galver – near the hamlet of Rosemergy, was part of Morvah and Zennor United. It was a very wet mine, and the pump drew water from 780 feet down, with a second engine used to raise and crush the ore. It stopped working in 1878.

In 1871 it employed seventy miners, with an adit 70 fathoms below the surface and a shaft sunk to 130 fathoms. The ore was crushed by a compound steam engine, fitted with two pneumatic stamps. The mine was pumped out by steam power.

1873 Kellys. Carn Galver Mine. Is held under lease for 21 years, granted by Henry WHITE esq., at a royalty of 1-20th. The known lodes on the sett are four. Cross-Courses several. The dip is 2ft 6″ in the fathom; depth of engine shaft is 90 fathoms. Country is granite. the mine is worked and drained by a steam engine of 30-inch cylinder. this mine was re-opened by present adventurers is 1872. The company is on the cost book system. Purser T W FIELD. Manager and Agent John Roach.

Two ruined engine houses have been partly restored by the National Trust. They were built for a 40 inch pumping engine (west) and a 20 inch whim engine (east). Unusually whim faces away from the shaft. The count house is now a climbing hut for climbers visiting the Bosigran cliffs. Down below, before the stream cascades into Porthmoina Cove, are the ruins of a tin mill with a wheelpit. The deep adit can be seen emerging at the back of the cove. The mine was worked as part of Morvah and Zennor United, but produced little tin.


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