Coverack Harbour

Coverack Harbour

Coverack Harbour faces due West and is an ideal spot for catching the afternoon and evening sun. The harbour is always full of activity and hosts around 40 boats.

Fishing off the harbour wall is a very popular activity. Catches such as pollack, wrasse, bass, and mackerel are common. It is sometimes possible to see shoals of fish just off the harbour as they feed off the water’s surface. Fishing trips can be arranged with local boatmen.

Swimming off the harbour is also very popular with the young and old alike. It is extremely safe as there are no currents or strong tides to worry about.

Coverack Bay is a safe anchorage for yachts, although not if the wind is in an easterly direction. It is possible to arrange a mooring for small craft on the harbour. This is done through the Coverack Harbour Master, Jon Carey.


Tel: 01326 280638