Dozmary Pool

Dozmary Pool

Mysterious Dozmary Pool is a grim expanse of still, leaden water on bleak and brooding Bodmin Moor. The pool lies near to Colliford Lake, 2 kilometres south of Bolventor and but a mile from the famous Jamaica Inn, imortalised in Daphne du Maurier’s book of the same name. Spelled as’Dozmaré’ at the end of the nineteenth century, the Pool’s existence is an enigma, as no stream flows into it nor does it drain any part of the moor. Dozmary was first used by Neolithic man- and many artefacts relating to their habitation have been found at the site.

The pool possesses a strange, unearthly beauty and is said to be bottomless and to possess a tunnel which connects to the sea, the name itself means drop of sea. The pool dried up in the year 1869 disproving the legend. The outflow from the pool is into Colliford Lake and it is therefore one of the sources of the River Fowey.

The site is also linked with local legends of the ghost of Jan Tregeagle, an unpopular seventeenth century local magistrate, who’s spirit was said to have attemped to empty the pool with a broken limpet shell.

The lake has also been the site of an ice works, in the days when the lake froze over a little more often than it perhaps does today, and before the advent of the modern refrigerator. Dozmary Pool remains a beautiful place to visit, and has also in the past been the location of Sunday and annual picnics organised by local chapels. And by all accounts and old photographs, very popular they were too.


Dozmary Pool

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