Hayle Heritage Centre

Hayle Heritage Centre

Hayle Heritage Centre has a wide range of displays: Harvey’s Foundry, the Cornish Copper Company, Hayle Regatta and Carnival, Hayle Power Station, J & F Pool, Art in Hayle and more. The Centre explores a host of other social and industrial history topics through temporary and permanent exhibitions.

The centre provides a fascinating history of the town and surrounding area of Hayle. There are a number of permanent exhibitions and a rolling programme of temporary exhibitions and workshops (for both adults and children).

The Heritage Centre is run by Harvey’s Foundry Trust – a charity that has for over 20 years been working to protect and promote Hayle’s rich heritage.

Our aim is to provide Hayle with a community focus, giving the Foundry site a cultural anchor that facilitates education and learning, increases tourism and provides our residents with a sense of their history.

The Heritage Centre houses a free exhibition that enables visitors to learn about the history of Hayle. We also have a yearly programme of exhibitions, events and workshops giving visitors a chance to explore Hayle’s history in more detail.


John Harvey House

24 Foundry Square

Hayle, Cornwall

TR27 4HH

Tel: 01736 757683

Email: enquiries@harveysfoundrytrust.org.uk