Screech Owl Sanctuary

Screech Owl Sanctuary

This is a unique and amazing opportunity to meet and touch a number of our hand-tame owls and to learn about their characteristics. These owls have been hand reared for educational purposes and range from some of the smallest species in the world to among the largest. There is always a member of staff on hand to answer any questions and tell you lots of fascinating facts. This area is accessible throughout the day.

We are always striving to improve the facilities and attractions here at the sanctuary. As part of this continuous process we are delighted to offer visitors the chance to fly our birds in a falconry experience or to participate in a handling experience on a one to one with a staff member and hold on the glove one of the owls from our educational team.

You may also participate in our Animal feeding, where the Meerkats, pygmy goats, emus, alpacas and miniature Shetland ponies have their snacks. We also have ducks which can be fed in their new enclosure complete with pond and high rise duck house.


The Screech Owl Wildlife Park,

Goss Moor, nr. Indian Queens,

Cornwall, UK. TR9 6HP

Tel: +44 0 1726 860182