The Count House

The Count House

Built during the 1860s at the height of the Cornish mining boom, the Count House at Botallack stands on the cliffs near the Crowns Mine. It was the hub of the day-to-day running of the mine and also where the miners collected their pay. Find out more about the stories and sights of the St Just area or come along to a community event.

The glorious coast surrounding St Just is home to what was once the world’s largest concentration of undersea tin and copper mines. Working deep under the Atlantic – at times up to a mile out beneath the waves – 19th century Cornish miners went to extreme lengths to extract the valuable hidden copper and tin deposits.

As with all aspects of Cornish mining, there was more here to find than first met the eye. Indeed, much of the enjoyment of these audio trails is in learning about the hidden mining stories and relics that are often overlooked but are all around in plain view, waiting for their story to be told.


The Count House


St. Just in Penwith



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